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About Max (born June 23, 2015)

a.k.a. Maximo Śnieżny Urwis, QGC  

ny 22 (black golden classic)

TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Max

He arrived to our cattery from Poland as an exchange for our own kitten from Marfa`s first litter. 

He is the sweetest and most affectionate cat and I fell in love with him immediately. It is hard not to love him and he gets along with the rest of my young males splendidly. He was a favorite of the judges in his cat shows and earned his many titles in just 2 shows at 1 1/2 years of age.

He is an experienced breeder and has sired quite a few beautiful litters of exceptional kittens.

Max Third Best 2018.jpg

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Max's Pedigree

Genetic Health Tests

Max`s Picture Gallery

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