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SnowWhite Angel Lily  

(a.k.a. Taiga Star Maria (DOB: May 25, 2016))

Lily is the sweetest girl in my cattery :) She is very affectionate not only with her humans but also with other cats.

She never fights with anyone and always welcomes new additions to the cattery with "open paws". She is also extremely sensitive to anyone's suffering and rushes to protect anybody of her peers at the first cry - even if it is from me when a kitty may cry and protest nail cutting.

That is why she is called an Angel which she truly is.

She is also a pure white Siberian with green eyes and that is why she is called SnowWhite Lily.

This type of colors of coat and eyes are extremely rare in traditional Siberians - not to be confused with  color-point type of Siberians called Neva Masquerade like her half brother Teddy. 

Lily is currently retired and lives with her new loving family

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